What is the weirdest biofuel you have ever heard of?



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    I once read of a slaughtering plant in South America that uses the leftover parts that weren’t sold, to make a bio-fuel to provide electricity for the plant.

    I found it to be an interesting ‘waste not’ thought and read it in the magazine called SEEDS a few years ago.

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    Looks like E. coli can make a car go!

    “A collaboration led by DOE’s Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) has developed a microbe that can produce an advanced biofuel directly from biomass. Researchers from JEBI and biofuels developer LS9 engineered a strain of Escherichia coli bacteria to produce biodiesel fuel”…

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    I’ve heard of a lot of weird biofuels, but in my opinion an invention by a Japanese company called Super Faiths takes the cake.  They developed a machine that turns soiled adult diapers into fuel!

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    There was a gentleman in Scotland who was going to use a (beached) whale carcass as a source of biofuel. Unfortunately the whale couldn’t be delivered in time. Now he’s looking at using the oil that accumulates in London’s sewers. Definitely innovative, if not a little odd.

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    I think it’s kind of amazing that some people are using algae as biofuel. 

    It’s kind of a silly example, but on an episode of the Dukes of Hazard, Uncle Jesse enters his moonshine into a contest for fuel alternatives. I think it would be fairly similar to ethanol. I think this episode aired in 1979, during the energy crisis. What is interesting to me is that for over 30 years we’ve known we need alternatives to fossil fuel, but we always seem to lose interest when oil prices go back down.

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    Sea algae! And also one of the most useful! Who would have thought?

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    It is not the weirdest biofuel I have heard of, but I found it interesting when Christopher “Big Black” Boykin used vegetable oil to drive his car in one of the “Rob and Big” episodes. Here is a link to the episode.

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    Chocolate!  Sweet: I bet this car smells even better than ones running on french fry fuel. 😉

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