In what ways is India trying to improve their environmental impact?



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    India has taken several steps in trying to improve their impact on the government.

    First, India has established a “green court” that makes it easier for citizens to hold corporations accountable for polluting. If a citizen believes they have been unfairly damaged by corporations that fail to follow environmental laws, they will be able to approach the court and seek compensation. India is one of only three nations that have a court charged with focusing solely on environmental issues.

    India has also enacted some of the strictest laws against plastic bags, including fines of about $2000 US and imprisonment if caught using a plastic bag. Himachal Pradesh, a northern Indian state, was the first state in India to institute the total plastic bag ban.

    The Indian government has also spoken out about the damage that polythene pollution has caused to Indian soil and, therefore, Indian agriculture. The Indian government has also unveiled plans to implement an ecosystem services accounting program. This would ensure that the economic value of environmental preservation and restoration would be taken into consideration as India decides how to develop.

    India also hosted the UN’s World Environment Day in June 2011, marking the first time for India to host this event in the event’s history. India was chosen to be host specifically for the dangers India’s forests and lands are facing because of densely populated areas, limited growing area, and barren soil.


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