In what ways does normal lifestyle contribute to soil erosion?



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    Though our impact on soil erosion from day to day life may be very minute, we still do effect the soil in one way or another on occasion.  You may have to get creative to think of examples, but they are there. 

    -If you are washing your car in the driveway and walk away, accidentally leaving the hose on for an hour laying in the lawn, it will wash away some soil.  If there were no grass there to help hold the topsoil together, that hose would have had a much greater effect. 

    -Maybe there is a shortcut that you always take through the grass that diverges from a paved path, the grassy shortcut now down to bare dirt because it is walked on so often.  This bare dirt is now more easily washed away during a heavy rainfall than if the grass was still there.

    So you see, there are ways in which we may contribute to soil erosion on a very small scale, but they aren’t very common or significant to the environment.

    Hope this helps!


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    Houses, roads, and urbanization redirect water drainage, eroding soil in places that would otherwise be stable. Large-scale food agriculture also rearranges soil, changes its chemistry, and may cause water runoff in odd places. Even simple things like heavy foot traffic can wear down rock and dirt more than it otherwise would erode over a period of time.

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