In what ways does farming cause pollution?



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    Livestock are a huge source of pollution and can strongly affect public health and water pollution. Agriculture, including cows, give off high levels of nitrate that end up in groundwater and occasionally in our public water supply while animal manure, which contains E.Coli and Salmonella among other baceria, can also make their way into public drinking water. In water, nutrients in animal waste can lead to huge algae blooms which deprive the water in that area of much needed oxygen.

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    Click on the link below to see a couple of answers to this question already posted on  Each of the answers also has a link for more reading.

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    For produce farming, the pesticides used on crops can poison animals and insects in the area and end up in rivers and other water supplies. 

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    Modern agricultural methods harm the environment in many ways.  The erosion it causes can choke various aquatic animals and organisms as well as vegetation in streams, lakes, and riverbeds.  The worst negative effects are caused by pesticides, and the invasive chemicals used to treat fertilizer.  Factory farms are the worst when it comes to pollution; introducing methane gas, dioxins, and large quantities of harmful chemicals into our waterways, air, and soil.  They also are inhumane, as animals are not treated like living beings at these large farms, but are instead treated as expendible commodities.  Many are physically abused and overworked to such extremes, many die or are perpetually forced to the brink of death.  For more information, please see the links below.

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