In what ways are you making your Turkey Day greener this year?



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    By keeping it small.  This year our family is avoiding all the excess carbon emissions involved in bringing us all together (we’re pretty well spread out around the US), and instead we’re all staying at home this year and enjoying a somewhat quieter Thanksgiving.  And no, it’s not just a cover-up for not actually wanting to spend the holidays together…it’s just getting hard to justify all that travelling when realistically we’re probably going to spend less than 48 hours actually enjoying each other’s company.

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    I’m carpooling and taking public trans where possible. I’m also making less food, there are always so many leftovers, which is nice but usually leads to waste!

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    We aren’t eating any meat!  We’re also having people over at 2:00 pm so the need for electricity will be much less than if we were having it later at night.  Finally, we won’t be using any disposable untensils or plates – everything used is going to be reusable (and our dishes happen to be fair trade). 

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    My family is postponing Turkey Day because we all have colds right now. This year, my parents are driving to Davis to have Thanksgiving dinner with me and my boyfriend. By postponing Thanksgiving Dinner, they will avoid traffic and thus burn less fuel.

    Oh, and I’ll be cooking my Halloween pumpkins!

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    This year my family used biodegradable plates and utensils! All of our food was organic as well; we definitely had a very healthy Thanksgiving that was also good for the environment. We got a pretty good deal on enough biodegradable plates/utensils for a whole family to use. 

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