What is a way we can clean up the pacific garbage patch?



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    right now is it amonumental task that seems a little out of any one states grasp. It would basically bankrupt any government and inflict a lot of environmental harm at the same time. The carbon emissions from the boats to reach the floating landfill alone would be enough to deter any environmentalist but there are also a lot of wildlife that would be caught up in the nets of any extraction mission. Attempts are begining with unmanned ships but none have been successful yet.

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    First, there needs to be a great amount of research on the problem since it’s a massive effort, and would require some massive carbon emissions from fossil fuel-powered boats and equipment to accomplish it, and therefore, very costly.

    Thankfully, scientists and conservationists of Project Kaisei are making an attempt to study the North Pacific Gyre and the marine debris that has collected in this oceanic region, in order to determine how to capture the debris and to study the possible retrieval and processing techniques that could be potentially employed to detoxify and recycle these materials into diesel fuel.

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