What is a way I can be eco friendly in college?



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    Recycle everything, especially paper. Use both sides of your notebook paper to consolidate – maybe use one notebook for 2 or more classes, if you can. Print double-sided when possible. Don’t buy disposable cups/plates/silverware. Instead, buy your own set and reuse them. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs, which last longer and will save you money in the long run. Don’t use your car when you don’t have to – walk, bike, or use the campus shuttle. Buy recycled products and used clothing. Buy an eco-friendly water bottle and fill that with water, instead of using plastic bottles.

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    Not to mention, if it is possible buy as many things used as you can. Try to use public transportation as often as possible (if possible) and carpool often. When it comes to dieting: buy local fruits and vegetables and cut down on meat consumption. If you live in a house or have a thermostat in your apartment, turn the heat down a few degrees and throw on a sweater.

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    Here are some suggestions:

    Eat a vegetarian diet at the dinning halls
    Recycle papers, binders and other school supplies
    Walk or use public tranporation to go to class
    Try not to have music, tv, video games and other electronics are playing at once in your dorm or apartment
    Take shorter showers and try to cut down on your amount of laundry

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    Use recycled tote bags to buy groceries rather than using plastic bags. Buy local or organic foods at a nearby farmers’ market or supermarkets. Exercise outside instead of going to the university’s gym so electricity can be saved. If you are the type of college students that brings coffee in the morning during class and refills constantly, consider buying an eco-friendly coffee cup so paper cups are not wasted. Also try shopping at a local thrift store for clothing and accessories: although used or handed down, some items are incredibly cheap and can be a very unique find. Use natural sunlight to study, by going outside and sitting on a bench instead of going to the library or using artificial light inside other facilities. Help support organizations, communities, groups that attempt to go green. Use what you learn from your major and apply it to any green projects (if any). 

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