in what way does the nucleus direct the activities of a cell?



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    The nucleus of a cell directs many of the cells activities.

    • It is the site of DNA transcription.
    • Ribosomes are produced in the nucleolus.
    • The place where DNA and RNA is stored.
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    Think of a cell nucleus as a cell’s own little brain which stores DNA that coordinate the cell’s activities such as growth, metabolism, protein synthesis and cell division. There is nearly 6 feet of DNA in the nucleus of every cell, which is divided into 46 individual molecules, one for each chromosome and all of this is organized into a precise, compact structure, a dense string-like fiber called chromatin. Therefore, the question really is how DNA directs activities of the cell, and the genetic code is something we are born with, it has everything we need already written in the chromosomes and why this specific code? what is the real origin of that? The answer to that goes above science, you can interpret it in any way you wish depending upon your spirituality, religion, etc.

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