What waterproofing techniques for concrete were used Ancient civilizations

One method I heard, that and I have not confirmed was the Romans would put an egg in the water and add salt till the egg floated.
This was to determine the correct amount of salt to cure meat.
The water was later used to make concrete and they found their mortar was waterproof.



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    The traditional methods – used by the ancient Romans, but also earlier in Egypt and Syria – was to use a lime-based concrete with as little water as possible. After applying the concrete they would tamp heavily.

    Depending on the region, the concrete may have different additives. Silica dust is a simple way to increase the watertightness of cement, as it fills the pores in concrete through which water will seep. Volcanic ash has similar effects, and was the method the Romans used.

    If you’re looking for more of an application or treatment to waterproof concrete that’s already set, I’m not sure. Perhaps the tallow / charcoal / spruce resin gum they use to waterproof birchbark canoes might work.

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