What was the worst thing that Bush did for the environment?



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    “Throughout his administration, President Bush made protecting the environment for future generations a top priority.” –Document released by the White House upon Bush’s exist from the presidency.

    There is plenty to choose from for this answer, which is scary, as the man who environmentalists claim undid nearly an entire century of work was incapable of a lot things. His support of coal mining and oil drilling alone directly contradicts the above quote, as well as the dissection of several environmental groups.

    However, Bush and his administration attempted to downplay the threat of global warming and climate change all throughout his time in office, rather than dealing with it, despite the warnings of scientists, environmentalists, and anyone with an ounce of common sense. This could be considered the worst, easily, as it brainwashed his own supporters into thinking the huge problem wasn’t a problem at all, just so he would not have to deal with it.

    Delaying progress on an issue that needed immediate attention, Bush failed to spread the warnings and actions necessary to combat global warming, giving us a late start, deep in the hole.

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    I completely agree with the above answer. However, during his term the environmental agenda just wasn’t as important to those in congress. 9/11 happened, then he went into the middle east, there was no room for the care that is needed to make environmental change although it was needed. He did attempt to enact a Clear Skies Act and succeeded however it was quickly outdated.

    What I must admit, is thanks to his lack of environmental agenda it put the states in charge of there own environmental regulations and they eventually made huge progress.

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