What was the worst snow storm in history?



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    Its challenging to determine which snow storm was the absolute worst in human history, but here are a few that have been particularly damaging.

    • The Northeast Blizzard of 1978–aproximately 27 inches of snow fell over MA, CT and RI, killing 100 people and injuring 4,500, causing 1.7 billion US $(corrected for inflation) in damage
    • The Storm of the Century in 1993–the storm stretched from Canada to Central America; Georgia and Alabama received  6-12in of snow; the storm was impacted 26 states and was responsible for the death of 300 people; over 10million lost electricity
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    Lunafish’s answers are very good, but one storm that I think is worth mentioning is the Great Blizzard of 1888.¬†One of the biggest “Nor’easters” in history, the onslaught that raked the US northeast beginning on March 12, 1888 dumped 58 inches of snow in some areas and killed 400 people. Because the snow shut down fire stations, fires swept through cities in the aftermath of the storm, causing $25 million in damage. In 2008 dollars the 1888 storm cost $1.2 billion, certainly comparable with the storms Lunafish mentioned.

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