What was the worst part of Katrina for the environment?



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    Hurricane Katrina was normal. There were no negative effects on the environment as New Orleans should not have been built there. The worst part about this event was that human action obstructed the natural flow of the surrounding water reservoirs. If a city is built below sea level, it is natural for gravity to eventually cause water to flow downhill. When houses lie in those areas, they will receive the most destruction. It is not the fault of the people living there although it would be odd to be watching a boat sail above your line of vision. In any case, Hurricane Katrina did not disturb the natural environment. The environment, specifically average global temperature increases could have played a major role in driving the hurricane, coupled with the location. It is still within the boundaries of natural environmental events though.

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    It still was a disaster for the humans living there, with a death toll over 1700 and tens of thousands of refugees. It was also natural for birds as the northern Gulf Coast is a stopping point for birds crossing the Gulf of Mexico in migration; it also serves as nesting ground for many species of terns and other waterbirds. Damage to the barrier islands was particularly bad for the nesting species; nests this year are way down for several species.

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