What was the worst lightning storm that we know of?



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         The deadliest single lightning strike in recorded history happened in 1971, when a passenger flight in Peru was struck by lightning and crashed in the Amazon. As many as 14 of the 92 people on board survived the initial crash but died awaiting rescue. A German teenager named Juliane Köpcke managed to trek through the jungle for ten days, despite serious injuries, and was rescued by loggers.

         Ms. Köpcke was the subject of a 2000 Werner Herzog documentary called Wings of Hope. She is now a librarian at the Munic Zoological Center.

         A lightning-caused crash that occured in 1963 and killed 81 people is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the deadliest lightning strike in history. This is probably because some of the fatalities in the 1971 accident did not occur as a direct result of the crash, but happened as the survivors were awaiting rescue.

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