what was the worst hurricane in the 20th century?



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    As of September 2008, Gustav has been lauded as the hurricane of the century. This 1938 hurricane is considered to be the worst hurricane of the 20th century. Its winds churned around at 200mph, well over the 100mph of a typical hurricane. The eye of the storm moved at 60mph, almost as fast as a tornado. “A 300-foot steamship lay across railroad tracks in New London, Conn., and an empty plane was swept off Logan airport. Perhaps at its peak, a wave 100 feet high hit Providence, and left the city under 13 feet of water.”

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         The dealiiest hurricane of the twentieth century was the hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas in 1900. It killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people. In comparison, the New England hurricane of 1938 killed 800 people at most.

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    If the original question wishes a non-Americentric answer, and if “worst” means deaths, then there are many that have greater death tolls than the US “worst” (Galveston 1900). For example, hurricanes in Bangladesh in 1970 and 1991 killed 300,000 and 139,000 respectively. Others exceeding 10,000 deaths include Hong Kong (1906), India (1942), Bangladesh (1963, and three separate storms in 1965 at over 10,000 each), and Hurricane Mitch (1998, killing about 11,000 in Central America).

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