What was the slime made of on Nickelodion’s show “Double Dare”? Was is biodegradable?



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    The slime on Nickelodeon’s shows was made of gelatin and cream of wheat, and later oatmeal, and of course lots of food dye! So yes, all of these products are biodegradable. 

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    Wow, I used to love that show when i was a kid. Here is an easy recipe:

    INGREDIENTS: vanilla pudding mix, milk, clear syrup, green coloring

    DIRECTIONS: Follow the pudding instructions, but lightly over saturate it with milk. Add syrup and coloring.

    If you go to the 1st link below, you can read all about the slime, including an interview with a guy that made the stuff on the show. They mention gelatin as a part of the recipe. “For several years afterwards, the slime consisted of this mixture of lime green gelatin powder and flour; eventually, oatmeal was added to the recipe, as was baby shampoo so that it would wash out of the actors’ hair more easily. Especially in the later years of the show, cast members who were slimed frequently looked upward into the slime as it was falling so that it covered their faces (the same was also true of the waterings).”

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