What was the point of the Plastiki?



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    The Plastiki expedition was undertaken by Adventure Ecology, and is meant to “educate, entertain and raise awareness of environmental and social issues whilst driving innovative real world solutions.” Its trek is being documented and taught to many children, and they hope to re-think waste and marine pollution, especially because over 50 percent of total marin pollution is plastic-based, by promoting public knowledge in an engaging way.

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    The point of the Plastiki, which is made up of 12,500 plastic bottles and other waste products  traveled from San Fransisco to Sydney, with the goal of bringing attention to global warming and to show how each person can make a difference. The ship was created in order to  bring attention to the problem of plastics polluting our waters. The whole creation of the Plastiki was meant to draw attention to the high usage of plastic and the consequences it has on this earth due to its long lasting characteristics and the enormity and abundance in which plastic products are produced and not re-used. The ship displays these “wastes” as damaging but also as resources with possibilities of sustainability in other words the ship promoted maximum recycling and minimal usage of plastic. In conclusion, the Plastiki achieved its goal and traveled from San Francisco to Sydney. It took 130 days to travel 8,000 miles and crew of the ship and the ship itself did draw attention to their cause.

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    Plastiki was also involved in promotion before-the-fact. I talked awhile with someone from their group who had a lively display of plastic on truck next to a farmer’s market.

    Talking to someone in person can make a big difference, because there are a lot of things vying for people’s attention in the modern world.

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