What was the outcome of the Ecuadorian legal trial against Chevron?



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    There is still no outcome on the Ecuadorian, Chevron legal battle. However, in the face of an impending verdict, Chevron continues to use increasingly manipulative tactics to delay, if not avoid, paying up to US$27 billion in reparations. Throughout the trial, Chevron has claimed a $40 million clean-up agreement, made between the government and Texaco in 1998, released them from liability. This “remediation” was little more than a whitewash, covering toxic waste pits with soil and claiming others had been “remediated” when, in reality, they had not been touched. As traditional legal strategies have failed, Chevron has used a less conventional approach, promising the plaintiffs a “lifetime of litigation”. Whatever the outcome, Chevron has achieved its goal of buying time and delaying a verdict. Now, in the build-up to the final hearing before a verdict is passed, Chevron is attempting to file a parallel international arbitration case in the Hague, Holland. The allegation that Ecuador’s judicial system cannot fairly adjudicate the long-running oil pollution litigation is another attempt to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the case brought against Chevron.

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