What was the moral imperative behind the Hippie movement in the 1960s?

It seems like there was more behind the Hippie movement than just drugs, sex, and rock & roll.



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    The hippie movement was highly centered on “the self” and reflecting upon oneself. There was a rejection of traditional values in favor of further understanding the self and how you fit into society. There was also a great emphasis put on rejecting racism which was considered a conservative and backward model. The hippie movement used hedonism to experience the self on a higher plane, emphaiszing the need to find pleasure in life. All in all it was extremely individualistic.

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    Beyond just getting in touch with the “self,” the hippie movement reflected a belief that social norms did not accurately reflect the human condition, and that through hedonism, love, and rejection of these norms, individuals could live in harmony with themselves and with their environments.

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