What was the last lost city to be found?



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    In March 2011, a U.S.-led archaeology team discovered a lost city in southern Spain. The archaeologists believe that they may have discovered the lost city of Atlantis. Reseachers believe that Atlantis was destroyed by a tsunami thousands of years ago. in order to survey the site, scientists used deep-ground radar, digital mapping, and underwater technology.

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    Cities, or at least towns, are being found every month. This is in part because heavy storms caused by Global Warming are quickly eroding shores in many places. So many new discoveries are being made there is concern that some will be washed away before they can be properly examined.

    Methods from the last few years have discovered many ancient cities, for example hidden under the sands in Africa.

    mire2187 mentioned a major discovery that some people are excited about because it might be “Atlantis”. Be very critical examining claims such as this, because everyone would like to make some major, sensational discovery that will advance their career. There are many “lost cities” that people claim to have found that end up being something else, or are never confirmed.

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