What was the last car in Chevy’s lineup that had as much hype as the Volt?



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    This is difficult to answer because “hype,” being very subjective, is a tough thing to measure, and because the Chevy Volt, being a plug-in hybrid, is different from other cars in GM’s Chevrolet offerings. So I’m not sure a comparison of stories run in the media on various Chevy models, or even Google hits, would yield anything really useful; but to that end I just did a search and got 890,000 hits on Google for “Chevrolet Volt,” and 1,720,000 for “Chevrolet Cobalt,” a traditional car which is one of Chevy’s better selling models. Chevrolet has put out hybrids before. In 2007 it experimented with a hybrid “belt alternator system” in the Saturn models, but this car used electric power only for starting, not for propulsion. Thus, GM’s introduction of the Volt, which does use electricity for actual propulsion, is a significant departure, probably warranting their increased publicity and advertising. For the record, Volts aren’t available to buy yet, but are expected to be on showroom floors by the end of 2010.

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