What was the largest earthquake this year?



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    Do you get any news? The one in Japan a week ago was the 4th or 5th largest in the past 110 years.

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    The recent earthquake in Japan was the largest thus far in 2011. It registered a magnitude of 9.0. On March 9th of 2011, there was a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Japan as well, which is now considered as a foreshock of the larger earthquake. Tsunamis were generated from the larger of the two, which significantly worsened the effects of it, as one may have expected. There was also an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 in Pakistan in January.

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    Not only was the March 11th earthquake in Japan the largest of the year, the aftershocks have also set records; 262 aftershocks at a magnitude 5 or higher, which is the greatest number of aftershocks after any earthquake in Japanese history.

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