What was James Cameron’s inspiration for the movie Avatar?



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    Cameron has had this idea since 1994, but has held off making it until special effects technology was up to par. The plot is a classic one, which basically mirrors the “warrior reaching a new world and defending the natives from his own people” story seen in Pocahantas, Fern Gully and many other movies: it’s an archetypal story. For the look of the movie specifically, Cameron has said he was inspired by his childhood hiking through the woods and his opportunities to dive deep into the ocean as an adult. He says he got an “infinite respect for the wonder of nature,” and tried to transfer his love for Earth’s natural miracles to the character’s love of “Pandora,” so that the cautionary message of the movie can be applied back to Earth. The themes of future technologies, tough females and military presence can be seen as classic Cameron, and are present in many of his other movies, including Aliens and Terminator.

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