What was The Greening of The White House?



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    The greening of the White House was an initiative taken by President Clinton to make the White House a model for efficiency and waste reduction. The initiative was announced on Earth Day in 1993. The goal was to identify inefficiencies, lower energy usage, appropriate renewable energy sources and improve air quality and building comfort.

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    The Obama Administration is continuing the effort to green the white house. Michelle Obama has an organic vegetable garden. The housekeeping staff, groundskeepers, and engineers have all begun using greener products to do cleaning, yardwork, and so on. Recycling services can be found on each wing of the building. The White House drinking fountains have been replaced so reuseable water bottles are easier to fill up. The Obama girls even have a swing set made of recycleable materials. 

    As for previous administrations, Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the roof, only to have them removed by Ronald Reagan. The Bush adminstration placed a few solar panels atop White House buildings to continue Clinton’s efforts, but The Washington Post reports the power they produced was minimal. 

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    After Clinton first introduced the Greening of the White House Initiative in 1993, it was estimated in the Second Annual Report of 1996 that the Whtie House was saving over 150,000$ a year. The efforts have also avoided more than 845 metric tons of carbon every year as well.

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