What was the greenest Olympics so far?



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    The 2000 Olympics in Sydne may be the greenest Olympics to date.

    Sydne was given great support of organizations like Greenpeace and an environmentally friendly design that included phasing out toxic PVC plastics, increasing the use of solar power and aggressive recycling and composting programs.

    Reflective light was used in some venues, while solar-powered buggies were introduced and even the Olympic torch was a non-polluting, energy-efficient model.

    To dispose of the garbage, the Sydney Olympic organizers deployed a multitude of “green” technologies, including compost piles in telephone-booth-sized containers and worms, provided by Enviro Waste. Each unit handled about 400 pounds of food per week!

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    Actually, on a technicality, the very first Greek Olympics were the greenest. Since electricity, cars, and other polluting technologies hadn’t been invented yet, the pre-modern Olympics were the greenest by default.

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