What was the greenest major sporting event so far?



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    Of events that have already happened  (or are happening as this answer is being written), the “greenest” so far has probably been the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, which was organized and constructed with environmental responsibility in mind. For example, the indoor ice rinks were built to be less energy intensive than most ice arenas, and battery-operated Zambonis were introduced in place of ice-smoothing machines that typically run on diesel or propane fuel–although ironically these “green Zambonis” didn’t appear to do the job and several countries’ coaches refused to let their athletes compete on the imperfectly-resurfaced ice. As far as the greenest sporting event ever, the organizers of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, scheduled for October 3 through 14, 2010, boast that their games will be the greenest ever. The Games, which bring together athletes from 71 countries formerly ruled by Great Britain, are supposed to be totally carbon-neutral, by use of clean fuel, waste management systems and water conservation. Additionally, more hybrid vehicles are being introduced and a coal power plant in the city of New Delhi has been shut down. Whether the 2010 Commonwealth Games will succeed in being the “greenest ever,” only time will tell.

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