What was the greenest corporation in 2010?



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    According to Forbes, Intel was America’s greenest company in 2010, closely followed by Kohl’s and Whole Foods. Internationally, it’s Munich Re, a financial company based in Germany.

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    In 2010 Intel was known to be the most greenest company in 2010. Intel contains 1.43 billion kilowatt per hour and had 51% of renewable energy. Intel used many sources like biogas, biomass, geothermal, small hydro, solar, and wind. They have saved up to 790 million kilowatt hours of energy, enough for 69,000 to power their homes for a year. 

    During the smae year intel launched $45 million projeccts to encourage energy efficiency and resource conservation. They have invested in 20 clean tech businesses. The energy conservation became a highly use priority in intel’s company. 

    In 2010 intel purchased a 2.5 billion renewable energy credits. Intel has also been honored with the EPA’s green power leadership award. They have planned 10 of the largest solar installation to territories that need solar panel the most. 

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