What was the first plug in hybrid?



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    I’m not sure about the very first one, but the first plug-in hybrids that I saw were early Toyota Priuses that had been equipped with extra batteries by individuals who decided to tinker with them. More likely than not, the first person who ever converted a Prius to run on straight electricity was a member of the electric auto association. I know a couple who converted their own electric car from an old car that previously ran on diesel fuel, but left their Prius unmodified because they only use it on long trips and do not want to tote the extra batteries across the country. Today, there are some companies that convert early model Priuses into plug-in hybrids. Plug-in hybrids are perfect for people who only have one car and want the ability to run it on both electricity and gasoline because hybrids are more efficient than conventional gasoline cars.

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