What was the first car made in America?



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    Louis and Albert Baushke, brothers from Benton Harbor, Michigan, built the first powered automobile.  In 1894 the Baushke automobile was rolled out.  It contained four wheels (no horses), 7.5 horsepower gasoline engine, and ran 23.5 mph.  The Baushke held five people.  It’s first trek was down main street shooting smoke and sparks.

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    The first self powered automobile was the Orukter Amphibolos. It was a steam powered vehicle invented by Oliver Evans in 1803. Not only was it America’s first self propelled vehicles, it was also the first amphibious car and it could traverse across water. Although it was powered by steam instead of gasoline like today’s automobiles, it was still an automobile all the same – a machine that could move itself freely.

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