What was the first animal on earth?



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    The very first animal on earth is still unnamed. It is studied through fossils and other animals which may have evolved directly from this animal. The closest known animal to the base of the tree of life is the comb jelly. Though it was previously believed that the sponge was the earliest, recent studies have shown that the comb jelly diverged on the tree of life earlier than the sponge, and perhaps the sponge evolved from the more complex jelly into a simpler form. 

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    According to new findings, Earth’s first animal was the ocean-drifting comb jelly.  This is contrary to past thought that the sponge was earth’s first animal.  This has been inferred by studying fossil records and studying similar animals today.  Even though comb jellies are quite a common aquatic creature, they most likely look very different than their ancient, ancient ancestors.

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