What was the fastest wind speed ever recorded?



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    The fastest wind ever recorded was 318 miles per hour.  This was recorded in Moore, Oklahooma during a tornado.  The second fastest ever recorded was 286 miles per hour.  This was recorded in Red Rock, Oklahoma. 

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    The fastest wind speed ever measured directly on the surface of the Earth was captured at Mount Washington, New Hampshire. On April 12, 1934, the famous peek made history when scientists measured the wind speed at an astonishing 231 miles and hour.

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    The fastest I know of is on Neptune.  The Wind reaches speeds of about 1,300 MPH.  I am sure there are faster wind speeds out there, but I am just as curiouse as to what the fastest wind speed is.




    Solar winds travel at about 892,800 MPH

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    It was recently announced that Mt. Washington does not hold the world record for the highest recorded land wind speed on earth. The new champion is a 253 mph gust measured April 10, 1996, on Barrow Island, Australia, during Tropical Cyclone Olivia.

    It is unclear why it took 14 years for this new record to become official, but sadly, Mt. Washington has lost one of its claims to fame!

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