What was the documentary the Cove about?



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    The Cove is about the killing of dolphins in Japan. The film employs the use of some “under cover” camera work, including some cameras disguised as rocks. It is an American documentary produced in 2009.

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    I would highly recommend The Cove for a watch.  I thought it was an excellently put together documentary that is an enlightening exploration of Japan’s illegal dolphin slaughtering regime.  One thing I thought was interesting is how little the general Japanese public knew about the dolphin slaughter and their disgust when the topic was brought up.  The movie was a fairly risky endeavor, and was often in violation of many domestic Japanese laws to provide the footage that made it so powerful.  It also won the 2010 Oscar for best documentary.

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    I love The Cove because it really opened up my eyes to what is going on around the world.  Also, I think that it enlightened a lot of other people about the ecological crimes taking place in other countries.  In 2009 the film won an Academy Award for Best Documentary, and I think that it was well deserving.  The filmmakers must be given credit for risking their lives to penetrate an exclusive cove in Japan. 

    One of my favorite things about the film is that it lets viewers know what they can do to help out.  This does not only mean giving donations.  Amusement parks and other attractions that house marine life contribute to the issue.  By boycotting these types of institutions, support is shown for the environment.

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