what was the deal with that guy that said he never needs to eat or drink anything?



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    Could you give more information on this guy.  There is no way that a human could survive without water for more than about a week and a half (this is with optimal temperatures and basically no exertion).  One could live for a few weeks without food, but again, it would not last long.

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    Well, there have been many claims of that over the years, but I’m going to assume you mean the South Asian holy man. He has a hole in his palate, which scientists say allows water to drip in to sustain him. I am still skeptical, however, as the article linked mentions that he lost weight when being observed, lending credence to the idea that he gets sustenance from someplace. If he hadn’t been eating or drinking, he wouldn’t have lost weight. It is still quite interesting though.

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    Inedia, also known as ‘breatharianism’, has been covered by media sources several times in the past.  This practice defies basic nutrition science, which says we need food and water to live. One such proponent of breatharianism has claimed that her “DNA is changing to take up more hydrogen and is developing from 2 to 12 strands.”  Many of these cases are not backed with proper scientific observation, and some followers of this practice have even died.

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