What was BP trying to accomplish by buying keyword phrases from Google?



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    BP is trying to manipulate the access of information – so long as their website continues to appear at the top of every search pertaining to the oil spill, the potential to redirect people away from real news will be present.

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    That is self-defeating in my opinion. There is plenty of information available that overrides that tactic. The media does a good job of reporting information which will encourage people to dig deeper.

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    If you were to google search ‘BP cleanup’, BP’s website will be the first on the list. Their website downplays the negatives and highlights what they actually are doing to cleanup the Gulf. It is the same reason they pay loads of money to produce and air commercials that say how they are cleaning up the gulf. It makes me think, shouldn’t they let the media report how they are cleaning up the gulf and use the money that is going towards commercials to go towards actual clean up costs and Gulf resident reimbursements. 

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