What was the biggest volcano eruption ever recorded?



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    Biggest in what way? Volume of ash, or of lava? On record in what way? In the geologic record, in the human historic record?

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    The largest in recorded history (there are larger but we weren’t there to record them) are:
    4650 B.C. Mount Mazama – Oregon – formed Crater Lake
    4300 B.C. Kikai – Ryukyu Islands, Japan
    1470 B.C. Santorini – Greece – destroyed Minoan civilization
    186 A.D. Taupo – New Zealand
    260 Ilopango – El Salvador
    536 Rabaul – New Guinea – global climatic effects
    850 Hekla – Iceland
    1010 Baitoushan – China-Korea
    1783 Laki – Iceland – largest historic fissure flow
    1815 Tambora – Indonesia – global climatic effects
    1883 Krakatau – Indonesia – blast heard 5,000 km away
    1912 Katmai – Alaska
    1991 Pinatubo – Philippines

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      Mt Mazama’s eruption isn’t in recorded human history. The most likely date is about 5677 BC plus or minus a hundred years or so – the exact date is not known, but it is not 4650 BC. http://geology.geoscienceworld.org/cgi/content/abstract/27/7/621 Likewise Kikai is not a historically recorded eruption.

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      Hello – I do see many different dates for the Mt. Mazama eruption, including some within 50 +/- years of the one I used and the date you used as well, which seems the more correct date. Thank you, I did say recorded history when in fact these were largest eruptions!

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      oops – this should not read largest in recorded history – as they are actually all in the last 12,000 years B.P., but may not all were recorded. Also the Mount Mazama date is probably more accurately dated at 7,700 years ago per the USGS, which would be approx. 5,700 years B.C.

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