What was the best eco vehicle at the Detroit auto show?



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    I think the best eco vehicle is a difficult question to answer, because best can mean a lot.  The most efficient Hybrid is the Volkswagen BlueSport which gets about 55 miles a gallon.  The one I think looks the best is the Kisker Karma S Hybrid.  It is a beautiful machine for the eye and the world!  You can also see a top ten list here: http://www.gearlog.com/2009/01/detroit_auto_show_the_top_10_g.php

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    There were a handful of electric concept cars shown at the Detroit Auto show. I think the one that is the most environmentally friendly is the Hyundai Blue-Will Plug-in Hybrid. It is an electric car, but also some of its parts are made from bio-based or recycled plastic. Also, it has solar panels on the roof to power things like a little fan that keeps the car cool while parked in a hot parking lot. There are a bunch others if you check out the link below too. 

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