What is the warmest hot spring in America?



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    Hot Creek, in the lower region of Mammoth Creek in California, has some of the hottest springs in the United States. Springs may be so hot that exposure to the water can cause intense burns or, at the extreme end, death. Some of the boiling water can reach 93 degrees Celcius, which equates to 199.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The Hot Creek springs reach the highest temperatures where they intersect with two fault lines.

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    I am working on a book on natural hot spring in the Eastern Sierra region with my boyfriend, and I can say that Hot Creek is definitely the hottest in that region, so chelseyzellita is probably right about it being the hottest in America. I can’t speak for hot springs in the rest of America, but I know the Mammoth hot springs fairly well. Hot Creek is so hot that several people have died from trying to enjoy it and it has been fenced off to prevent more people from losing their lives. When I visited it, there were some geology students who stepped past the fence to get a closer look, but did not take a dip in the stream.

    Crab Cooker is also very hot, and its source is covered by a grate to prevent people from falling in. The water is piped out to a small tub where people can adjust the temperature by reducing the flow from the source. This method is used to control the temperature of many hot springs in the Mammoth area when their sources are too hot. Hot Creek is different because its source is literally in the middle of a creek, so it is much more difficult to harness it for practical use without the danger of being scalded.

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