What war had the biggest impact on the environment?



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    WWII is probably a safe bet if for nothing else but the mass destruction, with the addition of the two A-Bombs in the end… but if I might be so bold, if we can argue the Cold War to be an actual war, then it probably had the largest impact. It caused massive nuclear production, increased consumerism, and generally affected the environment negatively as the world shunted the issue aside in favor of largely ideological conflicts.

    You can also make the argument that the atomic bombings were actually an act of Cold War deterrence, rather than an act of war to force Japanese surrender, but that’s controversial so I won’t get too into it.

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    As wars progress with time, they get more and more environmentally oblivious. War is in no way environmentally conscious, obviously. Not only is war about violence to life, which is the exact opposite of environmental consciousness, it gets more precise and more violent with time. The introduction of chemical warfare has not helped the environment in any way. To save the earth, creating peace is an extremely essential step.

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