What vitamins are more important for women than men?



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    Vitamin D and Calcium are especially important for women (though it cannot be said that they are not important for men) as they face bone loss with increasing age. Also, it is important that women who may become pregnant ensure that they ingest enough folic acid, as it is important in preventing birth defects.

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    Well, folic acid has always been important for women, especially when pregnant (folic acid is vitamin B). Women need calcium and vitamin D as they are more prone to things like osteoporosis (though high doses over long periods of time of vitamin D can be toxic). For good skin, though this is for everyone, vitamin E, A, and C are beneficial; also for everyone B12 and B6 is healthy for the heart and mind.

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    Calcium and Iron. Calcium is discussed in the previous answers.

    Iron is important for women because women are more likely to be anemic than men. This is because of menstruation and pregnancy. Vegetarian women are even more likely to be anemic. Anemia causes lethargy, headaches, shortness of breath. Therefore it is important for women to get enough iron in order to have energy. Good sources of iron are dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, nuts, and red meat.

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