What is the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra?



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    The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra is a group of a group of 11 Austrian musicians based out of Vienna.  The orchestra was founded in 1998 and is comprised of musisicans and artists from all different backgrounds.  They perform all over the world on their instruments that are made entirely of vegetables.  They carve out the instruments merely an hour before each show so that the vegetbales are fresh, and at the end of each show they use the vegetables to make soup!

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    Like Brooke said, the orchestra is made of of members who only play instruments out of vegetables. Some of the “instruments” are onions peels, carrot sticks, lettuce, pumpkin, cucumber and beans. 


    The link below is the Orchestra’s website where you can here some audio as well as watch the musicians in action, making and playing their veggie instruments. 

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