What is a victory garden?



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    Victory gardens were introduced during WWII. The government rationed food items during the war. The lack of labor made it difficult to grow and distribute fruits and vegetables. The government, therefore, encouraged individuals to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Millions of Americans responded by planting “victory gardens.”

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    Victory gardens were widely used during World War I and World War II in residences so people could grow their own vegetables and herbs. The gardens were intended to reduce the pressure on the food supply caused by the war effort. They were also used to boost morale and make people feel like they were doing their part.

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    Victory gardens were planted during WWII in countries such as Germany, the UK, Canada, and the United States. These gardens were people’s own private gardens and supplied individual families with at least a portion of their food so that there would not be as big a burden on the public food supply.

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