What is a ‘vertical farm’?



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    Vertical farming is an innovative new idea which is receiving a lot of attention for its potential benefits. It is essentially a farm crop on every floor of a very tall building. These crops receive individual care and adjustments including a controlled climate. None of the water used is wasted, it is all recycled. Nothing leaves the building in terms of material except the food products, which is a large move for the environment. It also allows farming to withstand global warming and places without much agriculture could begin having farms in their cities. If the idea is enacted, vertical farms could help feed the world. The creator of the vertical farm was interviewed on the Colbert Report and gives some useful information of fossil fuel usage etc. in this video:


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    One interesting point about vertical farms is that it provides more agricultural products per square foot than traditional farming techniques.  Meaning, instead of relying solely on how much land area a property has, the farmer is able to utilize the walls of skyscrapers.

    “A one-square-block farm 30 stories high could yield as much food as 2,400 outdoor acres, with less subsequent spoilage.”*

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