What is the Verizon Z wave?



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    The Z Wave basically turns your smartphone into a smart-remote. It allows you to access multiple network devices such as cameras, televisions, thermostats, even unlock doors with your phone. Their is a service fee for the Z Wave. Compatable devices already exist, and packages are available that combine many useful Z Wave accessories like cameras, thermostats, etc.

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    Z-wave is the wireless technology of the future that allows an individuals’ home electronics to communicate with each other by remote control. This is done by utilizing low powered radio waves that can move through walls, floors, and cabinets. Verizon is one of the first retailers to venture into this new technology. They have developed a z-wave system called “Verizon Home Monitoring and Control” that is now available to customers. This system allows one to lock their doors, set thermostats, adjust lighting, etc. in the home through a network of cameras.

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