What vegetables have the highest concentrations of iron in them?



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    Here is a chart that may prove helpful:

    Vegetables High in Iron

    Vegetables Quantity Iron (mg)
    Soybeans 2 cups 30
    Cooked Spinach 2 cups 12.8
    Swiss Chard (cooked) 2 cups 8
    Peas 2 cups 6.76
    Chickpeas 2 cups 6.4
    Turnip Greens 2 cups 6.4
    Collard Greens 2 cups 6.2
    Potato 2 large 6
    Asparagus 2 cups 5.74
    Parsley 1 cup 5.5
    Water Cress 2 cups 4.4
    Brussels Sprouts 2 cups 3.8
    Cooked Pumpkin 2 cups 3.4
    Beetroot 2 cups 2.68
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    Dried beans and dark leafy vegetables are an even better source of iron per calorie than meat.  Cooked spinach and soybeans are also great sources of iron.  For more information on vegetarian foods and meals containing iron, check out http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/iron.htm.

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    There are two kinds of iron we can get from our foods, heme iron and non-heme iron.  Heme iron comes from animal products and is more bioavailable (easier to absorb from food) and non-heme iron comes from plant products and is less readily absorbed by our body.  The plants that have the highest listed per serving iron content are; oatmeal, soybeans, lentils and kidney, lima and navy beans.

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    Additional foods, which are listed in order from highest concentration of iron (as found in The World’s Healthiest Foods- by George Mateljan)

    Romaine lettuce, Tofu, Shitake mushrooms, Green beans, Kale, Broccoli, Olives, Lentils, Sesame Seeds, Celery, Quinoa, Cabbage

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    Also, it’s important to note that you should try to consume some vitamin C along with your iron food sources in order to optimize iron absorption. An easy way to do this is to drink a little orange juice or lemonade along with your meal. And keep in mind that fiber generally decreases the absorption of iron.

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