What is vegan jewelry?



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    Vegan is a lifestyle choice to live in a manner that isn’t harmful to the planet, body or animals. Vegan jewelry is one segment of this type of lifestyle that is ecofriendly.

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    Online stores such as “Ethical Planet” specifically sell “Vegan Jewellry,” jewelry that has been researched and has been made conscientiously, with the well-being of the earth and animalsi n mind.

    There are other companies, such as green karat, that make jewelry from precious gems and metals that have been responsibly mined and manufactured. Since much diamond and gold mining abuses the environment, as well as human rights, companies such as these have been formed to create a green alternative.

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    As the other answers have stated, vegan jewelry is animal cruelty free and has the earth in mind. Check out the seller DaisyWares on Etsy, they only sell vegan items – which include vegan jewelry. There is another site, Alternative Outfitters that offers vegan jewelry.

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