What varieties of chickens are black?

My friend gave me three 2 month black hens that are suppose to lay jumbo eggs. She has no clue what variety they are and neither do I. Can any help me determine the variety of these hens?



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    Australorps are a variety of chicken known for their black plumage. They are supposed to be “excellent” at laying eggs, averaging 5 a week, and the eggs they lay are large and brown. One Australorp set a record of laying 364 eggs in one year. So I would guess that it’s probably an Australorp, since your friend mentioned their egg-laying abilities.

    They could also be silkies, which is a variety of chicken that can have black plumage. But their eggs are medium-sized, not large like Australorp eggs. Perhaps comparing  pictures of Australorp chicks to those of black silkie chicks would help you out, as they look pretty different–silkies have a very unique look to them.

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