What is the Valencia Design Week?



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    The Valencia Design Week is a week long event organized by the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region that promotes design initiatives. Exhibitions, presentations, parties, showrooms, discussions, workshops, meetings, and markets are all part of the activities that occurred (it was from September 27 through October 2). The second annual Design Week occurred this year, and Valencia did their best to promote new innovations in design.

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    Some exhibits at the Valencia Design Week also showcased new and innovative ways of reusing old items to create new, and functional, pieces of art.  Like this chandelier (linked below) made entirely of old wine glasses!  It’s a great example of applying the “reuse” principle in fun and exciting ways.


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    I found some neat pictures from the event!


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      Those pictures belong to the exhibition “Uniendo Puntos: Diseño Latinoamericano y Diseño Español” (“Connecting Dots: Latin-American and Spanish Design”), which is organized by Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region (www.adcv.com) for the Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) and curated by designer Luis Eslava.
      The exhibition aims to set up a creative network between the Spanish and Latin American cultures in the project. This will be done using the linguistic and cultural links that identify these groups as members of a heterogeneous and mixed culture with shared characteristics that go beyond stereotypes and can be exemplified in their resolution and creativity.
      The stars of the Connecting Dots exhibition are groups of consolidated and emerging designers such as Surtido en Spain, the Nel group in Mexico and Touch, which is based in Brazil. The exhibition will include over fifty pieces by designers from these groups, who will be represented in the round table discussions and presentations by Marc Morro (Surtido), Héctor Esrawe (Nel) and Zöe Melo (Touch).
      More info: http://www.valenciadissenyweek.com

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