What utilities have the rights to the solar power in the Mojave Desert?



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    I think it’s not a matter of who has a right to the solar power. Rather it’s a matter of who has the rights to build solar panels on the land—so your answer would be—whoever owns the mojave desert. It is interesting to note that if you could build a large floating solar energy collector (like a green minded Mr. Burns when he blocks out the sun) if you owned the airspace above the mojave then you would get to the sun first (and it might be more intense depending at what altitude you flew your kite).

    I Just looked it up and it looks like there are definitely many, many owners of land in the desert. There is a Mojave Desert Land Trust which is dedicated to preserving the land—and a national park there I believe as well—so they probably aren’t about to allow a bunch of prospectors develop solar panel arrays in their parkland. Private citizens probably can, however. Is there anywhere else where the sun shines all the time?

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