what is the use of rainforest ?



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    Rainforest plants have been very important in the development of medicines. In fact, 25% of the modern medicines we use can be attributed to plants found in the rainforest, including anesthetics, treatments for diabetes, inflammation, and many more. Only a fraction of these plants have been tested or catalogued, and many more potential treatments have yet to be discovered. Unfortunately, entire species are disappearing from the rainforest each day due to deforestation, and many of these potential medicines can be lost. In 1987, a compound from a tree in the rainforest was thought to be a potential treatment for HIV, but the tree was never seen since its initial discovery.

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    The rainforest have incredible usefulness in terms of all the species who live there, but if you are defining “use” as a term relating only to human usefulness, you might take a look at the site linked below.  A basic usefulness is that it is home to many indigenous peoples.  

    But more broadly, and aside from extensive medicinal uses outlined above, the rain forest acts as a world air conditioner, absorbing heat from the sun whereas deforested land reflects it, heating the planet.  Rainforests contain the greatest biodiversity of any other biome, with thousands of species of which we don’t even know about yet. The values of biodiversity are widely known, and have been discussed at length in GreenAnswers.  Search for more info….

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    Though the rainforest has many uses, a use is not a requirement of something’s right to exist. 

    Plus many many people live there. They use it, much like you use your neighborhood, though it may not be “useful” to people living anywhere else.

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