What appliances use the most energy?



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    The two most energy-consuming home appliances are the refrigerator and the clothes dryer. The refrigerator is always on although it consumes the most energy when the compressor cycles on to maintain the proper temperatures. Clothes dryers do not remain on, but when they are in use they consume a lot of energy.

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    I was so surprised when I found this out-
    Hair dryers, Tea kettles, Toasters, stoves and microwaves! (and pretty much in that order) The Australian government is doing a big plug to “Climate smart” your home and a man comes in and tells you which of your appliances waste the most etc. They give you a device that digitally shows you how much energy you use per day and I would take it around my house and flip things on and off and I was so amazed! Now, you have to take into consideration the duration you use the item- for instance a hair dryer uses heaps more energy than a stove, however you only would use it for maybe 10 minutes, where as an oven or stove you would use much longer. Check out the website though, it is pretty cool…

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    The refrigerator is the appliance that uses the most energy, mostly because it is on 24/7.

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    One of the most expensive and energy hoarders is central air. Typical consumption is 15,000 watts and costs $1.50 per hour. Compare that to the water heater or clothes dryer – typical consumption is 4,000 watts and it costs 40 cents an hour. The refrigator is on 24/7 but it only uses 1,000 watts and costs 10 cents an hour. Granted those prices pile up.

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