What is the US trade concept to help climate change?



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    A combination of cap and trade on emissions, as well as investment in renewable energy sources sums it up pretty broadly. Most of the legislature that has been passed so far has been relatively ineffectual (only a small percentage of the federal stimulus bill went towards “green practices”), however, Obama has taken a stance that before he freezes the federal budget in 2011, he wants a real climate change bill passed that will actually make a difference. It will be interesting to see going forward how this plays out between the president and congress (both his supporters in congress and his opposition, a large problem concerning this mater, as with all maters, is partisan politics).

    The U.S is a global trendsetter. If we do something to stop climate change, other nations will naturally follow suit. It is important for many reasons that we pass a progressive climate bill for the good not only of our nations economy/environment, but for an array of issues worldwide as well.

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